About Us

Why Choose Qingdao MAXPLUS Tire Co., Ltd.?

We take pride in providing the first class tyres of Chinese brand with full ranges at competitive prices, combined with quality service and consistent support.


What We Offer?

In order to meet different market demands, we offer a full range of Passenger Car Tire,Light Truck Tire and 4*4 Tire,more than 300 sizes.

We have private passenger car tire brand called NEREUS with PCR,LTR,UHP,A/T and M/T. Meanwhile, wide diversity of factory brands GOPRO and WINDA complete further on product line to meet global customers’ demand on different products at different size range, quality and price level.


Why We Are Different?

Qingdao MAXPLUS Tire Co., Ltd is one of the fastest growing tire companies in China.Our tires has overed 90 countries and regions.

With a staff of engineer and logistics for long-term working in factory, MAXPLUS has been always supplying quality product at fast delivery, and coordinating on urgent issues with factory at high efficiency.

We have office in China,Spain and France,we could collect order from office in China,spain and france every month and makes large production plan accordingly, therefore gets great capacity on price negotiation with factory and priority on delivery.


How You Can Benefit?

You get what you need: many brand tyres are available for clients to choose.

Fast delivery, competitive price and good quality.

Great support to customers with flexible payment terms.

Professional service and consistent support .